The shop’s interests have expanded!

Hey folks! Mr Bones has expanded into making jewelry and related items from coins! These are some very unique pieces and I hope you’ll enjoy them.
Please welcome Spike as the overseer of operations here!

Welcome to my nightmares with a thousand thank yous to Mark Boughter

Hey creeps, thanx for stopping by. This site is a collection of my art and passions. If you enjoy macabre, gently shocking, curious and sometimes humorous art and collectibles, this is for you. Most items are for sale and custom items are also available. I use quality components and guarantee all of my work.
You will also see funeral related items here as this is another passion of mine. As the grandson of an embalmer and the son of a coach driver, I have funeral homes in my blood. I presently own a hearse, three caskets, a coffin, and a smattering of funeral and embalming related items. A good friend of mine, Dan Phillips, and I have discovered the joys of picking through old funeral homes. We plan someday to have a museum of sorts for the public to enjoy.